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Frequently asked questions about the grooming process and cat grooming in general.

How Long does it take for a full groom?

Our full groom packages typically take 1.5 - 2 hours. We like to allow enough time so our feline friends can have breaks during the grooming process. All cats get individual attention with "pets and loves" we like to have enough time so that no one is rushed.

How often should my cat come?

It depends on your cats coat and how much brushing you can do at home. Most cats do well on a 8 - 10 week schedule. Some cats need to come every 4 - 6 weeks. This will ensure your kitty doesn't mat up and that grooming is a pleasant experience. 

When should I book my next appointment?

It is highly recommended that your cat is on a regular grooming schedule and that we book their next appointment at the end of their first groom. Grooming appointments book up quickly especially in the spring/summer and it can often be a 3-4 week wait to get in.

Can I stay with my cat?

No, we prefer that owners drop off their cats and pick them up when they are done. Most cats settle better when their owners aren't present.

I have more than one cat, can I bring them at the same time?

Yes! Multiple cat households are welcome to come at the same time. When booking the appointment be sure to let us know you would like to bring more than one. This ensures we will have enough time to get everyone looking puuurrrrfeect.

Will there be extra charges?

Maybe. If your cat has a excessive matting or dead hair there may be extra charges. Matting can be difficult to remove without hurting the cat and it takes more time than a cat with hair that is in good shape.



If your kitty is particularly spicy/grumpy to groom there may be added charges because of the process taking longer.


If you think your cat needs a bit more TLC we can give you a more accurate price quote once we see your cat. 

Can you comb out my matted cat?

It depends on the amount of matting. If the mats are small and come out easily, combing might be an option. If your cat is badly matted it will be too painful to remove the mats and we will NOT comb it out, it will need to be shaved down. We will not cause unnecessary pain and discomfort to any cat just to save the coat.

Does my cat need a bath?

All of our full groom packages include a bath. Bathing helps remove dander, excess oils and it exfoliates the skin. Once your cat has had a wash and dry we go over them again to make sure the trim is just right.

What happens if you can't groom my cat?

Occasionally there is a cat that we cannot groom. If we cannot groom your cat, you will not be charged for the service. Most cats even the cranky ones do well with grooming. For our safety we do not do extra spicy cats and referrer them to another local groomer who has a helper.

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