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Grey Cat

Furry Felines Only!

We're very excited to announce the opening of 1purr4paws. Nanaimo's first pet grooming shop that caters only to cats! Our shop has been designed to maximize kitty comfort because your furry friend deserves the best. 

cat groomer

Jenna with one of her purrrfect clients

Jenna Miller


"I love cats!"

Jenna is the sole owner and proprietor of 1purr4paws. She has always had a love for animals. Jenna has been grooming for 17+ years at a local shop where she trained under a master groomer. As time went on there started to be more of a need for cat grooming, Jenna found that she got along quite well with the feline clients started specializing in cat grooming. She has always loved cats and seems to just understand them. She also worked at a vet clinic where her colleagues often called her the "cat whisperer".

Jenna has also been involved with horse and dog training. Her dogs are SuperDog team members and have preformed at the Vancouver PNE and across Saskatchewan and Alberta.


Cat grooming salon!

1purr4paws was designed to be a grooming shop just for cats . By offering cat only grooming we provide a low stress atmosphere, a quiet relaxing setting, and individual attention. Each cat has its own needs and comforts, what works for some might not work for others. We try to tailor the grooming experience to each individual cat. If you listen, they're pretty good at telling you what works for them.

1purr4paws cat grooming

*owners dogs may be on the premises but are kept separate from cats

happy hoodie for pet grooming
feliway diffuser

Extra Kitty Comforts!

For your purrrrfect feline.

Some of our extra kitty comforts include a Feliway diffuser in the shop. These are specialized diffusers for cats that emit calming phenomes, this helps cats feel safe an relax. The diffuser is odorless and only effects cats. We also use Happy Hoodies when washing and drying our kitties. This is a soft streachy fabric tube that slips over the cats head. It helps protect their ears and dampen noise. Some cats are noise sensitive and this helps them relax a little more.

Certified and Insured

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