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Ragdoll Cat

 Nanaimo's first Cat only grooming Salon!

Cat Grooming


1purr4paws is a full service cat grooming salon. From lion trims and comb-outs to de-matting and nail trims. 1purr4paws does it all!


1purr4paws is Nanaimo's first specialized pet grooming salon that caters only to cats! By offering cat only grooming we provide a low stress atmosphere, a quiet relaxing setting, and individual attention.


Frequently asked questions about cat grooming and our grooming process.

cat comb out

Full Service Grooming

From comb outs to lion trims we do it all! All of our full grooms include a nail trim, bath, comb out or clip and ear cleaning


Quiet Shop.

We try to have only one cat in the shop at a time to create a relaxing environment and limit stress. Occasionally there is some over lap, some one picking up or dropping  off. 

Cats only, No dogs allowed! 

feliway diffuser low stress

Feliway Diffuser

Our grooming shop has a Feliway diffuser. This releases a natural cat calming pheromone that helps comfort and reassure cats. Its clinically proven and used by veterinarians. 

low stress grooming

Individual Attention

We realize that not all cats are the same. We offer individual attention and customize the grooming experience for each cat. 

happy hoodie for pet grooming

Happy Hoodies

Happy hoodies help protect ears from water during bathing and reduce noise when drying. This helps kitties relax.


Unit E 6439 Portsmouth rd

Nanaimo BC



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